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Oak Reserve Phase III

Oak Reserve Phase III

    Services Provided:


    Land Development

    Structural Engineering

Location: Longwood, Florida

Project Status: Completed

Client Description:

Oak Reserve III, home to Bentley’s office, is an 18,000 s.f. modern building using varying shades of glass on the exterior façade complimented by metal panels of different colors and textures. The interior is a comfortable extension of the exterior’s modern feel. In Bentley’s office suite, approximately 9,000 s.f.,our signature Blue is used throughout the space, from the feature wall in the entry to the blue conference room, the interior is complimented with green, red and grey to create a fun and energetic environment.

Upon entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by a large blue feature wall with Bentley’s name in large white lettering and a color changing LED light feature. A standout feature directly accessible from the lobby is our large conference room which is encapsulated in glass.

Technology was of utmost importance when designing the new space. We worked with ZIO on the technology package and is this most evident in our large conference room. In this room the whole system can be controlled with a removable iPad Mini.  The system operates the large 90” flat panel display with a wall plate input which allows viewing from any seat in the room.  The conference room table allows for any device to be connected via one of the three flip-top table inputs. In addition to digital and analog connections, each flip-top input has network, power, and USB ports. This system allows numerous users to share content at the same time using either wired network or WiFi. To complete the system speakers were added to the ceiling and microphone connections were also added to the flip-top inputs.

The custom polished concrete floors in the lobby and kitchen/employee lounge reinforce the modern organic feel.  The combination of a built-in banquette and mixed height tables allow staff to gather for a quick break, lunch or an impromptu meeting.  The employee lounge is also home to two 60” flat panel displays with a wall plate input for presentations or for employees to keep informed of the latest local or national news. Central to the entry and a comfortable distance from workstations, it is a busy space all day long.

Adjacent to the kitchen/employee lounge is a small collaboration room affectionately known as “the blue room,” finished with writable blue walls and full height glass partitions. This is a room where writing on the walls and windows is highly encouraged. The blue room also includes nesting conference tables which allows for flexibility when it comes to the layout and seating in this space. A 60” flat panel display with a wall plate input for technology sharing during presentations and meetings makes this room truly multifunctional.

The production area is where the office really opens up featuring airy workstations with sit-stand desks, oversized overhead lighting fixtures, and exposed roof structure with floating ceilings over the workstations.  A key focal point at one end of the production space is the copier/plotter alcove that features a custom designed “blueprint” wallpaper that incorporates actual production drawings from each of our design disciplines.

Another unique feature of our office space is in the parking lot; we have two electric car charging stations available. As a steward of green design, including this feature was important to Bentley.

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