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Boardwalk Renovation Study

Boardwalk Renovation Study

Seminole County Government

    Project Type:

    Parks and Recreation

    Services Provided:

    Structural Engineering


Location: Longwood, FL

Project Status: Complete

Client Description:

Bentley Architects + Engineers, Inc. (Bentley) was responsible for the assessments, recommendations, and ultimately design of improvements to several boardwalks at the Seminole County Public School’s (SCPS) Environmental Service Center located in Soldier’s Creek Park, which is part of Spring Hammock Preserve. Bentley provided evaluation and design services for the 2.5 mile boardwalk system at the Seminole County Environmental Center. This project was accomplished in two phases: 1) an overall assessment of the boardwalk system, including photo documentation and preliminary report, 2) based on our evaluations and recommendations, final construction plans were provided in Phase II.

By documenting individual boards, piers, and fasteners as well as the location of such repairs, Bentley kept the construction costs lower since the scope was very specific. Ultimately, the construction bids came in well under the estimated budget, and the county was pleased with the repairs and quality of work.

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