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Bentley History and Development: Overview

Bentley History and Development: Overview

Bentley Architects + Engineers, Inc., as it is known today, was founded by William (Bill) C. Bentley, PE in Orlando, Florida in 1984. At the time, his main focus was on structural engineering. However, he quickly found that by adding civil engineering services, he could streamline the engineering process for his clients. This immediately started earning his company high praise, as it does to this day. 

After two years of providing engineering services exclusively, Bill responded to clients’ requests for more comprehensive work by adding architectural services in 1986. With that move—a  pioneering step in the industry in Florida—Bentley Architects + Engineers took off. 

The firm focused in those early days on restaurant prototype designs and retail centers. Projects were completed across the US for companies like Ross Dress for Less, Pizzeria Uno, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Kmart, Publix, and others. 

Looking to branch out into the public sector, Bentley was awarded its first public project by the Florida Department of Transportation in 1988, completing four rest area renovations. This opened up a new niche and the company began specializing in transportation facilities like toll plazas, rest areas, maintenance stations, offices, and storage. Bentley soon added the Florida Turnpike Enterprise to its list of clients while continuing to innovate the transportation industry. 

In 1999, Bentley further expanded its involvement in the public sector with the award of a continuing contract for Seminole County. Since then, Bentley’s service to municipal entities has grown extensively, serving local governments such as Orange, Lake, and Volusia Counties, the Cities of Orlando and Oviedo, and others. 

Today, although a much larger company than it started as, Bentley maintains a small firm’s customer service-oriented approach to comprehensive, scalable architectural, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and land development services. Thanks to dedicated staff and loyal clients, Bentley continues to grow, achieve new levels of success, and complete important projects for a variety of purposes throughout Florida and the country.  

Timeline and Directory 

1984 – Founding

1985 – Introducing Architecture

1986 – Seeds of Growth

1987 – Branching Out

1989 – Growing with Kmart & More Retail

1990 – Spreading Nationally & Internationally

1991 – A New Name & a New Niche

1992 – Hints of Digital Design

1993 – Racing & Breakthrough Tech

1994 – Planning a Permanent Home

1995 – Securing the Maintenance Facility Niche

1996 – The Digital Era Dawns

1997 – Roadways & a Permanent Home

1998 – Tornadoes Strike

1999 – Expanding Transportation Engineering

2000 – Focus on the Public Sector

2001 – Another New Public Works Niche

2002 – A New Record

2003 – Taking More Tolls

2004 – Innovative Solutions

2005 – A Successful New Delivery Method

2006 – Going Bigger & Going Green

2007 – Green Design Is No Passing Fad

2008 – Serving Our Schools

2009 – At 25 Years

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Based in Longwood, FL, our company consists of individual departments dedicated to architecture, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and land development. However, ours is a culture of cooperation, as it is our combination of areas of expertise that are the key to our success.


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